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Our Story

Our Story

is a boutique print and design studio in HongKong specialising in design, letterpress, foiling, embossing and die-cutting. We love helping small and special clients who want a unique and personalised service. Our main focus is

to produce high quality specialty print and design items for all people great and small. Whether you're a small business in the retail, hospitality and creative industries or a bride looking for bespoke wedding invitations we can

help you. ​ We're always looking for collaborative and creative letterpress print and mixed media projects so if you have something in mind or you'd like more information please contact us

Our Press

We have some old printing press, they are usually very angry and need a lot of care

3.jpg                                   1.jpg                                    4.jpg

                                          #1970's                                                                                                                   #1950's                                                                                                                    #1950's

                           #Made in West German                                                                                           #Made in HongKong                                                                                                #Made in Japan

                              Heidelberg Windmill                                                                                                  Daat Ming Press                                                                                                        Hand Press